For basic preparedness at home it is essential to have emergency food! Whether there is an earthquake or other natural disasters, it is important to keep food on hand that is easy to prepare, store, and tastes great. We have two brands to chose from, Mountain House and Sopakco! The Mountain House products we carry are Just in Case Emergency Kits where you just add water! They come with a variety of meals and packaging so you can customize your emergency supply to better suit your home! The Sopakco product we are is the Sure-Pak MRE’s, Meals Ready to Eat, with a heater. This product comes with a 12 Meals Ready to Eat, meaning you don’t need water, they can be eaten cold or hot, and it comes with a flameless, self-heating option. Take a look at our selection and decide what product is right for you and your home! For a limited time all of our products are on SALE, so don’t miss out!

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