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Date: February 24TH, 2019
Instructor: Jay Paisley

This course is taught by Jay P. Jay is a former Tier 1 US Military Operator. He served 21 years in the U.S. Army with most of his time in Special Forces; in addition to being a Green Beret, he was a Special Forces Assault Medic, Squadron Senior Medic, and a team member for the elite Combat Applications Group (CAG).

The Austere Medical Course is designed by former Special Forces Medical Personnel with a focus on austere environments where higher tier medical support will not be readily available. This course specializes in concentrating on the basics of casualty care as well as high stress events, and trainee ingenuity. Courses are based upon DoD TCCC Committee, and NAEMT Guidelines. This course is open to Law Enforcement, Military, Medical personnel and Law Abiding Citizens. Time will be from 9am-3:30pm

PRICE: $200


  • Eye Protection
  • Appropriate Training Attire (The clothing you wear WILL most likely not be serviceable upon completion of the course. WEAR CLOTHING YOU ARE WILLING TO BEAT UP!!!)
  • Note Taking Material

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