Staying in the Fight

An intermediate level course of instruction which focuses on handgun manipulation.

Mastering Pistol Combatives

Develop your combat pistol skills while working in a team environment

Firearms Familiarization Course

Feel comfortable and confident when handling, firing, and storing a firearm.

Vehicle Combat

Learn the principles behind the dynamics of gun fighting in and around vehicles

Combat Pistol I

Learn how to fight effectively with your pistol under stress.

We are here in support of all those who want to be better prepared. Come in today to find out more about Sure Shot and how we can help you achieve your readiness goals.

Erika Barbachano

“Went out of my comfort zone today! So glad I took part of this awesome course. I feel like I can utilize everything I learned in case of an emergency. I also feel more at ease when handling a gun. Thank you so much to our instructor. Thank you to the staff of Sure Shot!!!”

Jennifer Mead

“Oh my…Thank you guys for this class! I loved it! I am on cloud nine with it all, I asked Matt to take me to the range this weekend!!! Thank you!”

Alena Lim

“I had a fear of guns since I was a kid. Despite everything that has been going on, you never know what you may face at some point in your life. This course is perfect in overcoming that fear and making you confident in using firearms. Tommy has been a great adviser throughout this basic course and Andy has been an excellent instructor. These guys will walk you through step by step on everything you need to know. They are extremely patient and will not rush you. You are allowed to learn at your own pace. They will go above and beyond to accommodate you. My small fear was immediately gone as soon as I shot that first bullet and it was all downhill from there. I had a lot of fun and at the same time I learned a lot from this course. I’d been dying to do this for a long time and it has been a pleasure working with great people! I look forward to taking additional courses in the future. Acquiring the knowledge in knowing what to do as far as safety for yourself and others will go a long way if you were ever put in the position to have to use it.”


Mastering Pistol Combatives- Course Registration

Use this form to register for our Mastering Pistols Combatives Course Date: December 15th, 2018 Instructor: Mike O. and Chris Ring As former US Naval Special Warfare Operators, Mike and Chris have almost 20 years of military and Special Operations training between...

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Vehicle Combat – Course Registration

Use this form to register for the Vehicle Combat class. Date: September 29th, 2018 Instructor: Mike O'Dowd Mike has been a Naval Special Warfare Operator for 9 years with extensive combat operations experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served as a JTAC, lead...

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Staying in the Fight – Course Registration

Use this form to register for the Staying in the Fight class Date: December 1st 2018 Price: $170.00 Instructor: Former Azusa PD Officer Andy Sutcliffe Instruction Includes: Single handed shooting, on and off hand Draw and fire with non gun hand Single...

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