Staying in the fight - handgun

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Combat pistol level 1

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Combat pistol level 2

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Firearm familiarization course

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  • Next Class: February 18, 2018

Personal protection/home defense

phase 1

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Personal protection/home defense

phase 2

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open range days

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"I firmly believe citizens have both the right and responsibility to protect themselves and their families from those who would intentionally do them harm.  It is critical however the citizen who chooses to arm him/herself fully comprehends the legal and moral responsibilities associated withe the choice to take a human life.  Moreover, the cornerstone of that choice must be confidence in his/her weapons handling skills which can only be developed through on-going and realistic training."
-Andy Sutcliffe


Danny Gayton

I myself felt the class was very beneficial to me a long time shooter and should be taken by all first time shooters. The skills and training it provided will be very beneficial for novice and even experienced shooters. I felt this class helped me to not only be aware but provided many skills in the safe handling of handguns. I found in taking this one class it helped me with not only my handgun handling skills but also greatly improved my shooting accuracy, yes even a long time shooter like myself found this beginner class very beneficial, I highly recommend it for all shooters. The hands on workshop along with the valuable information that is taught and learned in the class training, along with the hands on handling and firing of handguns are a much needed skill for all who handle and fire handguns. 

Personal Protection & Home Defense Course: Phase 1


Michael Canepa

"I was reluctant to sign up for the Personal Protection & Home Defense Course" not knowing what it fully entailed.  this 2-day course was incredibly informative both in theory (in the classroom) as well as hand-on.  

We also had a lot of fun during the course, both in class and out in the field. I was blown away with the vast knowledge the instructor had, not to mention his many skills and qualifications.  

Tommy and Charlie were awesome! I walked away with real world tools and techniques to help in a wide variety of situations (that I hope to never need).

Not only am Iooking forward to Phase 2 of this program, but I am also enrolling my wife in the Women’s Fire Arm Course. Great Program. Definitely recommend!!" 


Curt Bouma

"This course was awesome.  I could definitely spend weeks training with Charlie, but in two days this is as good as it gets. The private environment for the class and at the range was great.  My favorite part of the course was doing personal shooting drills with Charlie.  What an amazing hero who could patiently train a new shooter.  Also for the course you did a great job in bringing like-minded individuals together.  They were a great group of guys I really enjoyed.  I could see your passion in your preparation and in the way you really took care of us.  Thanks Tommy and Charlie "





women's firearm familiarization course


"Please, please sign up with Sure Shot for future classes and take advantage of them.  I cannot convey what a different person I am than I was 2 days ago.  My hideous PTSD fear is gone. I never thought that would happen.  There is a confidence I never knew existed.  This is life-changing for me after 10 terrifying years of constant fear."


"Today was the first time Ronni Petersen has EVER fired a weapon...and she did freaking AWESOME! I wish I could take credit for it, but I had her take a professional course form Sure Shot in San Dimas with an AMAZING instructor.  Thank you so much for giving Ronni confidence like I have never seen from her int he 10+ years we've been married and helping her over her fears."



"Oh my...Thank you guys for this class! I loved it! I am on cloud nine with it all, I asked Matt to take me to the range this weekend!!! Thank you!"


"Thanks to Sure Shot, Tommy Gibson and the instructor Andy for a great experience, according to Jennifer Mead.  She feels a lot more knowledgeable and informed about guns!!!"

Our Instructors

Charles Moser

Charles Moser is a former member of the elite US Navy SEALs, a current SWAT Team member, and found of Swat Concepts.  He is an elite special operations operator with extensive education, training, and experience in both the military and civilian law enforcement communities.  Charles has more than 24 years of combined education, training, and experience and has merged the best of both the US Navy SEAL and Police SWAT operations in an effort to provide the best tactical training to the general public.

Andy Sutcliffe

Andy Sutcliffe has been a Police Officer for 31 years, and is currently a Patrol Sergeant for a Police Agency in Los Angeles County. He has also been a SWAT Officer for 23 years, 10 as an Operator and 13 as a Team Leader.  As a Team Leader he was responsible for regular firearms training, tactical training, operation planning and oversight.  He is also the Department Range Master, working with a team of 7 other officers, he is responsible for all department firearms related training to include newly hired and retired officers.

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